Creating the name – DiSSECT Consulting just kind of happened.
Recruiting future Associates was an invigorating process.
Company registration, legal, tax, banks, admin a bit more than I anticipated.

It was March ’20 when the pieces of starting this business came together.

The ideas quickly became obsession!
Our research discovered nothing that compares:
“Over 250 years of executive Direct Selling Experience”.
We’re on to something here! “No challenge we’ve not faced”.

I recall a pivotal “moment” before taking the leap of faith:
When I explained the business concept to my wife in March, she reacted by saying, “This will succeed. You’ve got that sparkle in your eye”.

During the occasional moments of doubt, I reflected on this commitment of unconditional trust and belief and kept on going.

On 1st of August ´20 DiSSECT went live and we were thrilled about the global “likes” and followers.
Our Executive Associates and Partners believed in our concept, organized themselves in teams and made progress on customer focus, processes, leads, communications and much more.

Anecdotally, I’ve worked with successful direct selling field representatives my entire career, always with respect and admiration for what they do but now resoundingly solute these same people, seeing the effort investment necessary for success in starting a business.

DiSSECT has progressed from idea to reality in a few short months. Months that were indeed made up of many long days. And now the team is to fulfill and exceed the expectations of our first clients.

Excitingly, our first year is just beginning and we’re focused on sharing our experiences to support those in this amazing Direct Selling industry that would like to engage the practical experience of DiSSECT Consulting.

So, to all of you reading this – thanks for your encouragement, for following us, for contacting and recommending us, for reading our articles and for being part of us – we truly appreciate you all!

Happy Holidays to all our DiSSECT Consulting friends and followers.

Mark Beiderwieden

Founder of DiSSECT

Website: www.DiSSECT.Info